Prof. Prosenjit Bagchi



   Prosenjit Bagchi, PhD
   Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
   Rutgers University
   98 Brett Road
   Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA
   Ph: 848-445-3656

The research interest of our group is in general areas of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Biofluid Mechanics, Micro and Nanofluid Mechanics, Multiphase Flows, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multiscale Modeling and High-Performance Computation. Our problems are primarily derived from biomedical applications. Specific research topics range from microvascular blood flow, to drug transport in capillary blood vessels,  cell mechanics, and cell motility. The application areas range from blood cell and vascular disorders to cancer. We develop high-fidelity computational models and perform large-scale simulations using supercomputers to understand the mechanisms of these pathophysiological conditions, and pathways for prevention, from a mechanistic viewpoint. Further details can be found below.


Computational Fluid Dynamics Microvascular Blood Flow Platelet margination and adhesion



Drug delivery Mechanics of blood cells and vesicles Cell Motility and Metastasis